Monday, November 1, 2010

Lead Me

I love this song. I am so thankful for a man that is willing to lead me and to lead my children. God was perfect in providing this amazing and amazingly hunky guy for my lifelong friend and partner. I could never have chosen anyone better for myself. His hand was in the forming of the friendship and mutual respect and admiration of one another. Then the ultimate realization that there was no one else that I even cared to spend time with other than this man. God provided me with a man who loves God more than anything else and who is very wise and wants to serve God. While he is not perfect and does make mistakes, he is growing and searching for God's guidance.
I am blessed as are our children.
Now he does ball up wet dishrags and leave them on the edge of the sink. He often pays more attention to Fox News than to what the kids are saying and doing. He often is in the van ready to go while I am carrying out armloads of stuff for the day. So he is a man. But what a man he is! He is a man of God! How I love him and miss him very much right now. I so need to be with him and have him walk with me, leading me and our children. God is good! I am thankful for my darling, amazing and incredibly hunky man of 18 years of marriage! I pray that God helps him in leading us. I pray that he knows he is not alone in this life - he has God and he has our love and appreciation for his leadership.

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