Saturday, January 5, 2013

Grace Given

It has been quite a while since I have spent time here, chatting and rambling about my thoughts and life. So much has happened in the almost two years I have been absent from here. But I needed to give myself some grace and allow my soul and spirit, my heart and mind to simply rest. I needed some time to renew myself, to rediscover myself in my new home and my new life. So much has happened in the two years I left the familiar and comfortable life I lived. So much has resulted in tears and heart ache over the last few years. But how much more in sweet and wonderful reminders that God is in control and wants only good for me and my family! I wish I could recount here the so many more days when I just smile and my heart just wants to burst in thankfulness and joy that God is so incredibly good!! I needed to give myself some grace to rest and allow a healing to begin so I can begin again. Thankful for resting times. Thankful for new beginnings. Thankful for grace, sweet healing grace. Thankful that I gave myself grace to stop and just be still. As this new year is beginning, I look forward to coming back and rambling more about my thoughts and life. I have determined that "Resolved" is my word for this year. I have been thinking about this word and the my New Year's prayer a lot. As my little family returns to a more normal routine, I am anxious to come back to my old writing haunt and spend some time chatting and rambling with God and with whomever may stumble upon this humble little blog. It is good to be back.....basking in the grace of a good and great God!

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