Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snow, Sunshine and Grass

I have described the ever present snow as God's grace that quietly and gently falls on us each day. It silently and often unbeknownst to us it covers us. In the midst of a white snow covered world, the sun comes out and shines so bright and crisp off of the snow. It is such a contrast to the mostly gray days that you have to notice it and just enjoy its warmth. I have described the sun as God's glory and majesty- His great power! His glory, majesty and power are something to behold and not easily ignored. It is a stark contrast to the bleakness and darkness of a life lived in sin or apathy of right living. Focus on the trials and struggles of this world can also lead to a pretty bleak and gloomy outlook. God's glory, majesty and power is amazing, warm, awesome. It gives one a sense of warmth, comfort, hope and brightness that there is more to our existence than the dull, gloomy, and bleak toils and struggles of living life here. We have a hope of life in the eternal light and warmth of God in heaven!
But as the snow melts and becomes stained with car exhaust, I am reminded that we can forget that God has given us grace. We take it all for granted. Sometimes we need a renewing of our minds and hearts. Worship, study, prayer, resting, trusting, serving are all ways to renew ourselves. When we are renewed, hopefully, daily, then we can appreciate the snow. Enjoying the renewing process is like seeing the green grass after so long covered, it gives us a reminder that the Creator is busy and at work in our lives just as He is in the creation and the changes of seasons. His glory and majesty are a displayed again in a vibrant way. God is good and God is great! I am thankful for the quiet snow falls, ever impressed by the warm and bright sun, and thrilled for the soft green grass.

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